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            Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear
            • Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed SwitchgearMedium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear

            Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear

            Kexunan takes pride in presenting the Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear, manufactured in China. Our switchgear solutions are not only renowned for their durability and customization but also for being easy-maintainable. Designed to simplify maintenance processes, our switchgear ensures smooth operations and longevity. Choose Kexunan for a reliable and easy-maintainable solution, reinforcing our commitment to quality in the realm of electrical distribution. Trust in our brand for superior performance and lasting value.

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            Product Description

            Discover reliability and innovation with Kexunan's Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear. Crafted in China, our switchgear solutions epitomize durability and customization. Engineered for the demands of medium voltage applications, our products boast robust construction and the flexibility to meet your unique specifications. Trust Kexunan for a durable, customized, and cutting-edge solution to your electrical distribution needs.

            The C-GIS-630A product designed by the company offers several benefits compared to the low-priced 10KV ring main unit modified to function as a 35KV ring main unit, which is currently available in the market.

            1. The original 10KV operating mechanism has a closing power of 2 kN. The compression spring of the circuit breaker contact is below 1.2 kN. The total switch stroke is within 10.5 mm. The hexagonal insulated transmission shafts are spaced 150 mm apart. The hexagonal resin-insulated shaft tip's angle meets the 10KV electric field partial discharge range requirements. The 25# hexagonal resin shaft passes the mechanical wear test for this transmission force. The transmission structure layout and core stress points are designed and confirmed based on these principles.

            2. The 630A-20KA switch's internal distance must be at least 20 mm, with a contact force of over 2500 N and a total switch stroke of over 20 mm, excluding the 1250A-31.5KA. However, the original 10KV cam drive and hexagonal resin insulated shaft are unsuitable due to the large stroke and closing load force required. This results in the mechanism being unable to meet the closing work requirements, the stroke not meeting specifications, and excessive mechanical transmission wear on the hexagonal insulated shaft. In addition, operating the hexagonal angle at a 35KV voltage level would cause partial discharge, making it impossible to pass the 185 lightning impact test. Moreover, the 10KV transmission method is unreliable, as the air box may deform during transportation or on-site, affecting the switch's opening and closing operation, which cannot meet the requirements of 20KA breaking and opening.

            3. The newly developed C-GIS is a customized switchgear cabinet designed to meet the specifications of the 35KV-63-25KA summary plan. It boasts a modular structure, internal design, double-fracture three-station isolating switch, and a vacuum arc extinguishing type vacuum circuit breaker circuit. The circuit breaker features an insulating barrel and 30 large-diameter steel rods for linear transmission, eliminating the issues associated with hexagonal resin-insulating rods. The operating mechanism utilizes a large modular arm with ample closing power (over 4500 N) to drive four 800 cattle gate springs, resulting in a closing time of less than 40ms and an opening time of less than 20ms, with a switch closing contact bounce of less than 2mS. This ensures reliable operation and a 25KV breaking capacity under all conditions.

            Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear Overview

            KYN28A-24 (SDK1-24) armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear (from now on referred to as switchgear) is suitable for indoor three-phase 50/60Hz, rated voltage 24kV power systems. It is mainly used in power plants. In substations, industrial and mining enterprises, and high-rise buildings, it receives and distributes electric energy and controls, protects, and monitors circuits.

            KYN28A-24 (SDK1-24) type switchgear has various functions to prevent misoperation, including preventing the handcart from being moved with load, preventing the grounding switch from closing the circuit breaker in the closed position, preventing the grounding switch from being powered on, and preventing accidentally entering the live compartment. Function. The switch equipment is equipped with VS1 and VN2 series center-mounted high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breakers and sealed vacuum switches with excellent performance. The secondary circuit of the switchgear is equipped with reliable control and protection components; the busbar adopts heat-shrinkable insulation material or epoxy coating insulation to optimize the electrical shape, and the cabinet structure is compact. The switchgear has stable performance, reasonable structure, convenient use, and safety. It is reliable power distribution equipment.

            Normal usage environment

            1. Environmental conditions: temperature: +40℃, low temperature: -15℃, and the average value measured within 24 hours does not exceed 35℃;

            2. The temperature conditions are as follows: the average daily relative humidity does not exceed 95%; the average monthly relative humidity does not exceed 90%; the average daily water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2kPa; the average monthly water vapor pressure does not exceed 1.8 kPa;

            3. The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

            4. The surrounding air is not obviously contaminated by dust, smoke, corrosive and flammable gases, steam or salt spray;

            5. Vibration or ground motion from outside the switchgear and control equipment can be ignored;

            6. The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system does not exceed 1.6kV.

            Technical parameters of spring operating mechanism

            Main technical parameters of switchgear

            Main technical parameters of vacuum circuit breaker

            Medium Voltage KV24 Armored Removable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear structure diagram

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