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24KV 1250A outdoor sf6 medium voltage circuit breaker

24KV 1250A outdoor sf6 medium voltage circuit breaker

The 24KV 1250A outdoor sf6 medium voltage circuit breaker is designed for controlling and protecting 24KV transmission and transformation systems, operating at 50Hz and suitable for outdoor use. Additionally, it can function as a connecting circuit breaker and an integrated opening and closing device. This circuit breaker employs an intelligent arc-quenching system based on thermal expansion and auxiliary blowing, paired with a CT10 spring operating mechanism. Furthermore, it meets the standards set by GB/T1984-2014 for AC high-voltage circuit breakers and adheres to the IEC62271-100:2001 international standard for high-voltage AC circuit breakers and control equipment.


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The LW6-24 outdoor high-voltage sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is a versatile, three-phase AC 50HZ outdoor switchgear designed to control and protect 24KV power transmission and transformation systems. Additionally, it can be utilized as a connecting circuit breaker and a combination of opening and closing devices. This advanced circuit breaker employs the "thermal expansion+auxiliary blowing" principle to intelligently extinguish arcs, and is equipped with a reliable CT10 spring operating mechanism. Furthermore, it meets the stringent requirements of both the GB/T1984-2014 "AC High Voltage Circuit Breakers" standard and the International Electrotechnical Commission's IEC62271-100:2001 "High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment - Part 100: High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers" standard.

Service and Installation Conditions

Ambient temperature: from -30 to 40 (from-40 to +40 for the particular order).

Height above sea level: <1000m(Value over 1000m should be indicated in advance.)

Air humidity: relative humidity: < 95% daily at average

<90%monthly at average

Wind pressure: ≤700Mpa.

Sunshine intensity: 0.1 W/cm under the 0/5m/s wind velocity

Maximum temperature difference daily allowed: 25

Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree

Main parameters

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