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About Us

Our History

Kexunan Electric Technology Co., Ltd., located in the forefront of China's reform and opening up - Shenzhen, was established in 2016. It covers an area of approximately 11,000 square meters and has an annual output value of over 90 million yuan. The company has more than 100 employees, including over 30 engineering and technical personnel. It can produce more than 3,600 sets of medium voltage switchgear annually.

Over the years, our company has been dedicated to the development of a full range of products, including 35kv gas insulated switchgear (C-GIS and GIS) with current ratings ranging from 630A to 3150A, as well as other products such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, isolating mechanisms, modular controllers, enclosure sheet metal, and busbar systems. We also specialize in 35kV substations, 110kV GIS, 35kv Cable Branch Cabinet, 35kv transformer, 35kv prefabricated substation, fully insulated and fully enclosed permanent magnet ring main unit (research and development products), fully insulated environmentally friendly gas ring main units. All our products are designed, developed, produced, sold, and serviced by a power equipment manufacturer.

Our Factory

We have established a sound management system in accordance with the requirements of GB/T19580 performance, company management, and safety production standardization. Our company has a technology research and development center with strong technical capabilities. Based on the concept of lean production and the integration of informatization and industrialization, we have created a production manufacturing system. Our production and testing equipment includes CNC punching machines, laser cutting machines, robotic welding, automated assembly lines, power frequency withstand voltage devices, shielding partial discharge devices, and vacuum box-type helium leak detection systems. Our products have obtained various domestic and international certifications, and with good quality and services, they are exported to markets both at home and abroad, making us an important strategic partner for many well-known manufacturers.

Our products are widely used in key national projects, such as Huaneng Jiangsu Rudong H3 offshore wind farm, Huaneng Gansu Zhengning new construction project, Xinjiang Yutian new wind power generation, Shanxi Yulin Xiehe wind and solar intelligent micro power King technology project, Inner Mongolia Ordos State-owned Yunnan wind power, Malkhan River Basin upstream 110kV substation new construction project, Changdu City, Tibet, Basu County National Road, Ningxia Electric Power Construction, Shenhua Lingwu 17.7 MW 35kV, PetroChina Grahe oil pipeline Kunlun Mountain Pumping Station, Tajikistan Ayini gold mine 110kV substation expansion project, and Huarun Power Cangnan offshore wind power, etc.

We have maintained close partnerships with well-known complete equipment companies, such as Hubei Electric Power Equipment, Mianyang Qimingxing Group, Shenzhen Huicheng, Jinding Electrical Group, Xianing Fengyuan High-Tech Electrical, XD Group Hunan Engineering, XD Group Yunji, Xinjiang XD Group, Beijing KERUI, and China Datang, among other listed companies. We have established good cooperative relationships and achieved great results.

With a dedicated technical team and considerate marketing services, we adhere to the principle of "leading with technology, quick response, and safe electricity use." We have won the trust and praise of customers with exquisite cutting-edge technology, reasonable prices, and sincere pre-sales and after-sales services. With the joint efforts of all employees, we are continuously developing, surpassing, and improving. Our company actively adapts to the new normal and implements three major strategies: "platform leadership", "one body and two wings", and "innovation-driven". We also follow the development trend of "Internet +" and take deep integration of information technology and industrialization as the mainline. We strengthen industrial basic capabilities, improve technological levels, and enhance product quality. We are committed to building KXAE into a leading smart manufacturing enterprise that is rooted in the industry, builds a large platform, interfaces with large capitals, has high efficiency, low leverage, complete product range, new technology, and service-oriented.

Our Strengths

Compared with the low-priced 10KV ring main unit converted into a 35KV ring main unit currently on the market, the advantages of the company's self-designed C-GIS-630A product are analyzed as follows:

1. The closing power of the original 10KV operating mechanism is less than 2 kN, the circuit breaker contact compression spring is within 1.2 kN, the total switch stroke is within 10.5 mm, the distance between the hexagonal insulated transmission shafts is 150 mm, and the hexagonal resin insulated shafts tip The angle can be satisfied within the 10KV electric field partial discharge range. The 25# hexagonal resin shaft can meet the mechanical wear test of this transmission force. The transmission structure layout and core stress points are designed and finalized according to this principle.

2. 35KV: Not counting 1250A-31.5KA, the internal distance of the 630A-20KA switch must be at least 20 mm, the contact is more than 2500 N, and the total switch stroke is more than 20 mm. With such a large stroke and closing load force, the original 10KV cam drive and the original 10KV hexagonal resin insulated shaft were used. First, the mechanism cannot meet the closing work requirements. Secondly, the stroke cannot meet the requirements. Thirdly, the mechanical transmission wear of the hexagonal insulated shaft cannot be met. FullSuppose, the hexagonal angle, is operated long at a 35KV voltage level. In that case, the hexagonal angle will produce partial discharge, and achieving the 185 lightning impact test is impossible. This 10KV transmission method will directly impact if the air box is slightly deformed during transportation or on-site. The reliability of the resounding opening and closing operation cannot meet the requirements of 20KA breaking and opening.

3. The new C-GIS is a special switch inflatable cabinet developed and designed according to the 35KV-63-25KA summary plan and under the performance of this switch's current and voltage level. It has a modular structure layout, internal design, double fractures and three

Workstation isolating switch, vacuum arc extinguishing type vacuum circuit breaker circuit, the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber of the circuit breaker is installed with an insulating barrel, and the three-phase pull rod is made of 30 large diameter steel rods for linear transmission, which completely avoids the above problems of the hexagonal resin insulating rods. There is a problem that reduces the mechanical loss of the original rotation scheme's closing power and ensures the body's stability: 2. The operating mechanism adopts a large modular arm with a closing power of more than 4500 N. The closing power is enough to drive four 800 cattle gateUnder the spring, the closing time is increased to within 40ms, the opening time can be achieved within 20ms at the fastest, and the bounce of the switch closing contact is within 2mS, ensuring the reliable operation of the switch under any conditions and ensuring the 25KV breaking capacity.





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Our service

Our company adheres to the principle of "putting customers first and ensuring their peace of mind", vigorously introducing domestic and foreign technologies, accelerating the development of new products, continuously improving product assembly levels, meticulous operation, and dedicated service. Strive to meet international standards in terms of technology, quality, and management level, and keep up with international high-level standards. Increase investment in quality management, actively adopt professional testing methods, achieve a 100% pass rate for factory products, achieve quality goals of "no work errors", "product maintenance free", and a user satisfaction rate of over 98%, so that users can use it with confidence, and make the following comprehensive service commitments to users:

Pre sales service:

Cooperate with user requirements, provide design consulting services, and provide users with economical and high-quality solutions.

In sales service:

1. Provide training on relevant knowledge for user operators to ensure that they master the characteristics and operating procedures of the product;

2. Allow users and relevant personnel to directly participate in the production and assembly of related products, allowing them to further understand the performance of the products;

3. Ensure that product quality complies with relevant international and national standards and contractual requirements.

After sales service:

1. For the domestic market, our company provides free maintenance services within one year after our products are put into operation, and we will continue to provide services after one year. The foreign market provides remote online video maintenance technical guidance and free training for relevant technical personnel.

2. To provide long-term enthusiastic and thoughtful services to users. Upon receiving user requests, we guarantee to arrive at the site within 3 hours in neighboring areas and within 24 hours in other domestic areas (within 12 hours of travel time); Arrive in traffic congested areas within 48 hours.For foreign markets, we will respond within one hour of receiving user requests.

3. Provide permanent consulting services to users and answer any questions.

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