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Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet

Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet

The Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet includes dry-type transformers, PCS, high and low voltage switchgear, etc., with a voltage level of 6-35KV and a capacity range of 0.5-3.75MW.

Model:Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet

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Product Description

The integrated design of "reverse" and "change" facilitates transportation, installation, and maintenance by integrating local controllers, achieving unified control scheduling and online fault diagnosis. Integrated and efficient three-level topology energy storage inverter, with a maximum efficiency of 99% forced cold air, 110% long-term overload capacity, and no capacity reduction in a 50 ℃ environment. Integrated lithium battery charging and discharging management, extending battery life, supporting high/low voltage crossing, frequency crossing, fast power scheduling, and strong adaptability to the power grid. Suitable for various energy storage application scenarios such as peak shaving, frequency regulation and peak shaving, auxiliary new energy grid connection, etc., with PQ, VF, VSG, SVG and other functions, supporting off grid operation and "black start".

Product functions of Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet

1. Energy storage: Energy storage is just one of its most important functions. The incorporated cabin is outfitted with high-performance energy storage devices, such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and so on, which can keep excess electric power. In the case of insufficient power supply, energy storage devices can release stored electrical power, meet system load demands, and improve system dependability and security.

2. Converter: The power storage, converter, and increase incorporated cabin is equipped with a power electronic converter that can convert saved DC power into air conditioner power. By doing this, the power storage device can be linked to the air conditioning loop network in the power system, accomplishing bidirectional power flow. Through the converter function, the power storage device can adapt to the needs of different voltages, frequencies, and power variables, accomplishing versatile scheduling and circulation of energy.

3. Boosting: The incorporated cabin is likewise outfitted with an enhancing transformer to boost electrical power. Via step-up transformers, energy storage devices can enhance low-voltage electric energy to the needed high-voltage degree to satisfy the need for high-voltage power in long-distance transmission or particular load systems.

4. Peak shaving and height shaving: The energy storage space, conversion, and enhancement of the incorporated cabin can keep and launch energy according to the modifications in grid load, thus accomplishing peak shaving and height shaving of the power system. During peak load periods in the power grid, power storage devices can output stored energy to the grid, reducing lots of pressure. Throughout the reduced lots duration of the power grid, energy storage devices can take in excess energy for storage space, avoiding system overload.

5. Improvement of power grid stability: The power storage space, conversion, and enhancement incorporated cabin can boost the stability of power grid regularity and voltage. When the frequency or voltage of the power grid fluctuates significantly, energy storage devices can timely output or store energy, keeping the power grid's procedure within a reasonable variety.

6. Emergency backup power supply: In the event of a sudden malfunction or power failure in the power system, the energy storage device can promptly switch to the emergency backup power supply state, offering a continuous and steady power supply for vital loads and guaranteeing the operation of vital facilities.

In summary, the energy storage, conversion, and increasing integrated cabin is a gadget that integrates energy storage space, conversion, and increasing features. Its major functions consist of energy storage space, conversion, improvement, peak shaving, power grid stability renovation, and emergency backup power supply. It is essential in the power system, as it can boost power use, enhance grid operation, improve power supply dependability, and play a favorable role in promoting power safety and sustainable development.

Technical parameters of Energy storage current conversion voltage upgrade integrated cabinet

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