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3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

The KYN28-12(Z) AC metal-clad switchgear 3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet is designed for use in three-phase AC power systems operating at a rated voltage of 12kV and frequency of 50Hz. This equipment is utilized for the reception and distribution of electric power, as well as for the control, protection, and monitoring of circuits.

Model:3.6KV 1250 A medium voltage power distribution cabinet

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Product Description

Standards compliant:

GB3906-2006 "3.6~40.5kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment"

GB11022-89 "General Technical Conditions for High Voltage Switchgear"

IEC298(1990) "AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment with rated voltages above 1kV and 50kV and below"

DL404-97 "Technical Conditions for Ordering Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear"

Normal usage environment

◆Surrounding air temperature: maximum temperature+40 ℃, minimum temperature -15 ℃:

◆Relative humidity: Daily average relative humidity: ≤ 95%, daily average water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2KPa; Monthly average relative humidity ≤ 90%; The monthly average water vapor pressure does not exceed 1.8KPa; Altitude: ≤ 1000m:

◆Earthquake intensity: not exceeding level 8;

◆The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive or combustible gases, water vapor, etc;

◆No places with severe vibration;

◆When using beyond the normal conditions specified in GB3906, the user and our company shall negotiate.

Functions and features of 3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

The 3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet is crafted in accordance with the armored metal-enclosed switchgear standard GB3906-91. It comprises two main parts: the cabinet and the central pull-out portion (also known as the handcart). The cabinet is segregated into four distinct compartments. The enclosure protection level is IP4X, while the doors of each small compartment and the circuit breaker room offer IP2X protection when open. The switchgear features overhead incoming and outgoing lines, cable incoming and outgoing lines, and various functional solutions. Once arranged and combined, it functions as a comprehensive power distribution system device. Its front-accessible design enables installation, debugging, and maintenance from the front, allowing for back-to-back, double, or wall-mounted installations, which enhances safety, flexibility, and space efficiency.

Main technical parameters of 3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Main technical parameters of vacuum switchgear

If the starting current for the 3-10KV motor controlled by the circuit breaker is below 600A, it is necessary to include a metal zinc oxide lightning arrester. The user and our company will discuss the specific conditions, such as ensuring that the rated current of the capacitor in the bank is not more than 80% of the rated current of the circuit breaker when it is used to disconnect the capacitor bank.

Technical parameters of operating mechanism

The 3.6KV 1250A Medium Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet is developed according to the armored metal confined switchgear in GB3906-91. The whole is composed of 2 mainparts: a cupboard and a central with drawable spare part (i.e. a handcart) (see Number 1). The cabinet is separated right into 4 different compartments, with an enclosure security degree of IP4X. When the doors of each compartment and circuit breaker area are opened, the protection level is IP2X. Geared up with above inbound and outbound lines, wire incoming and outbound lines, and various other useful systems, set up and integrated to create a total collection of power distribution system tools. This switchgear can be set up, debugged, and kept from the front, so it can be back-to-back, arranged in a double plan, and installed against the wall surface, boosting the safety and security, adaptability, and reducing the impact of the switchgear.

◆ Shell and others

The major structure of the switchgear is made from aluminum zinc slim steel plate, refined by CNC maker device, and adopts multiple folding procedure, which not only has the advantages of high precision, strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, however likewise makes the closet lighter in weight, greater in mechanical toughness, and more cosmetically pleasing in look compared to various other comparable tools closets as a result of making use of numerous folding process. The cupboard adopts a set up framework, attached by rivet nuts and high-strength bolts, which shortens the processing cycle, enhances the universality of parts, inhabits less space, and is convenient for organizing production.

◆ Handcarf

The handcart structure is assembled from slim steel plates processed by CNC device devices. The handcart and closet are protected and collaborated, and the interlacing device is risk-free, reputable, and versatile. According to their use, handcart can be split into circuit breaker handcart, voltage transformer handcart, metering handcart, isolation handcart, and other types of handcart. According to module and block type variations, handcart of the very same specification can be freely traded 100%. The handcart has a disconnection setting, a screening placement, and a working placement inside the cabinet. Each placement is geared up with a placing tool to guarantee trusted interlocking. The operation needs to be carried out according to the interlacing protection steps operation procedure. All handcart uses nuts and screws to relocate and leave, and its procedure is light and versatile, ideal for at work employees to operate. When the handcart demands to be relocated far from the cupboard, a dedicated transfer car can be conveniently pulled out for numerous examinations and maintenance, And it takes on a mid placed design, with a small volume for assessment, upkeep, and convenience.

◆ Compartment

The primary electrical parts of the switchgear have independent areas, particularly: breaker handcart space, busbar room, cable television space, relay instrument space. The protection level between each compartment reaches lP2x; Except for the relay, all various other 3 layouts have their own pressure alleviation networks. As a result of making use of a central format, the cord room space is greatly boosted, permitting the devices to link several cords.

◆ Breaker Area

Tracks are mounted on both sides of the area for handcart 5 to move and glide from the separated placement and test placement to the functioning setting inside the cabinet. The partition 3 (shutoff) of the fixed call box 16 is mounted behind the back wall of the handcart compartment. When the handcart relocates from the separated position test placement to the working position, the flaps on the top and reduced static call boxes are linked with the handcart and immediately open. When relocating the opposite instructions, the flaps automatically close until the handcart returns to a particular position and completely covers the static call box, developing reliable seclusion. Because of the different operation of the upper and lower valves, throughout upkeep, the shutoff on the real-time side can be secured to ensure that upkeep employees do not touch the real-time body. When the circuit breaker space door is shut, the handcart can likewise be run.

Through the monitoring window of the center door, the placement of the handcart being disposed of and enclosed the compartment can be observed, and the power storage status can be shown.

◆ Busbar Compartment

The major busbar 18 is a solitary system interlaced and connected to each various other, taken care of by the major busbar 20 and the fixed get in touch with box. The major busbar and connecting busbar are copper bars with rectangle-shaped cross-sections, utilized for high currents. When composite, dual busbars are used to construct them. The branch busbar is linked to the static call box 16 and the main busbar through bolts and does not require any other support. For unique demands, the busbar can be covered with warmth diminish tubes, insulation sleeves with attaching bolts, and end caps. Adjacent cabinet busbars are taken care of with sleeve 19, so that the air buffer retained between the connecting busbars can protect against melting in case of inner mistake arcs. Sleeve 19 can properly restrict mishaps to this cupboard and not spread to various other cupboards.

Overall dimensions

Installation of switchgear

Schematic diagram of switchgear structure

◆ The following representation reveals the structural elements of the switchgear. All steel modular assembly framework, the closet body is constructed from imported aluminum zinc layered plate with solid anti-corrosion capability, without surface area treatment. It is processed by CNC high-precision equipment and adopts advanced numerous folding procedure. The connection is connected with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts, with high precision, light weight, and great strength.

◆ The switchgear can be outfitted with our business's VS1 collection, VD4 collection, ZN65 collection and various other vacuum circuit breakers, with vast applicability and strong interchangeability. The handcart is outfitted with a functioning placement, a screening setting, and placing and display screen tools at each setting, making sure safety and integrity.

◆ The cable television area can suit as much as 9 single core cable televisions, and the devices is geared up with trustworthy mechanical and electrical interlocking devices, totally meeting the "five avoidance" needs. Each space is outfitted with pressure alleviation channels to make certain individual security throughout procedure.

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