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Photovoltaic step-up substation

Photovoltaic step-up substation

Photovoltaic step-up substation, as a clean energy production mode, has developed rapidly at home and abroad. It has made a great contribution to achieving carbon neutrality and reducing the pressure on energy imports. YBW series photovoltaic booster substation is to meet the growing demand for photovoltaic power generation, mostly used in industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power stations and centralized power stations. Under the premise of meeting various standards, the 10KV and 35KV European combined photovoltaic substations produced by our company have been optimized and upgraded to meet the needs of power generation boost in various scenarios. It has the advantages of small volume, high strength, easy installation and easy maintenance.

Model:Photovoltaic step-up substation

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Product Description

Model meanings

Working conditions for Photovoltaic step-up substation

◆ Posters shall not exceed 3000m;

◆ The ambient temperature range is -40 ℃~+45 ℃:

◆ Outdoor wind speed does not exceed 30m/s;

◆ Relative temperature: daily average not exceeding 95%, monthly average not exceeding 90%;

◆ The waveform of the power supply voltage is approximately sinusoidal, and the three-phase power supply voltage is approximately symmetrical;

◆ Installation location: Install in a place without fire, explosion hazard, severe pollution, chemical corrosion, and severe vibration.

◆ Note: If the above normal usage environment conditions are exceeded, users can coordinate with our company to solve the problem.

Technical parameters of Photovoltaic step-up substation

Rated voltage levels: 35KV and 10KV and below: insulation registration and level (see table below).

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