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40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear
  • 40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear

40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear

Step into the realm of advanced power solutions with Kexunan's 40.5KV High Voltage Armored Movable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear 40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear. Engineered for durability and easy maintainability, our switchgear, proudly presented by Kexunan, promises a seamless experience in high voltage applications. Its robust design ensures longevity, while the easy-maintainable features simplify upkeep, reducing downtime. For a detailed understanding of our offerings and to explore the durability and user-friendly maintenance of our switchgear, contact us today. Choose Kexunan for a reliable, durable, and easy-maintainable solution, setting new standards in high voltage technology.


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Product Description

Elevate your power distribution infrastructure with Kexunan's 40.5KV High Voltage Armored Movable AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear. Crafted for durability and reliability, our switchgear solutions, proudly brought to you by Kexunan, ensure seamless operations in high voltage applications. Contact us today for a detailed quotation, and discover the durability and efficiency that come with our advanced switchgear technology. At Kexunan, we are committed to providing durable and cost-effective solutions that meet the highest standards. Choose excellence, choose Kexunan, for a future-proof and reliable high voltage switchgear, designed to last.

1. The original 10KV operating mechanism has less than 2 kN closing power. The compression spring of the circuit breaker contact is under 1.2 kN. The total switch stroke is within 10.5 mm. The distance between the hexagonal insulated transmission shafts is 150 mm, and the tip angle of the hexagonal resin insulated shafts can meet the partial discharge range of the 10KV electric field. The mechanical wear test for this transmission force can be satisfied by using the 25# hexagonal resin shaft. The transmission structure layout and core stress points have been designed and finalized based on this principle.

2. The internal distance of the 630A-20KA switch must be at least 20 mm, and the contact force should be more than 2500 N. Additionally, the total switch stroke needs to exceed 20 mm. However, using the original 10KV cam drive and resin-insulated shaft is unsuitable for meeting these requirements. The original mechanism does not meet the closing work requirements, and the stroke is insufficient. Furthermore, the mechanical transmission wear of the hexagonal insulated shaft cannot be accommodated. Operating the hexagonal angle at a 35KV voltage level will result in partial discharge, making achieving the 185 lightning impact test impossible. Moreover, if the air box is slightly deformed during transportation or on-site, the reliability of the opening and closing operation will be directly affected. It cannot meet the requirements for breaking and opening at 20KA.

3. The C-GIS is a specialized cabinet designed to fit the specifications of the 35KV-63-25KA plan. It has a modular structure, double fractures, and three workstation-isolating switches. The vacuum arc extinguishing chamber has an insulating barrel, and the three-phase pull rod is made of 30 large-diameter steel rods for linear transmission. This design eliminates the issues associated with hexagonal resin-insulating rods. The operating mechanism uses a large modular arm with a closing power of over 4500 N. This ensures the cabinet's stability and allows for a closing time of 40ms and an opening time of 20ms. The bounce of the switch closing contact is within 2mS, guaranteeing reliable operation under any conditions and a breaking capacity of 25.

Overview of 40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear

KYN61-40.5 (Z) armoured movable AC metal-enclosed switchgear  40.5KV High Voltage High Current Electrical Switchgear (now referred to as switchgear) is a complete indoor power distribution device with three-phase AC 50Hz and a rated voltage 40.5kV. As a power plant, substation, and industrial and mining enterprise to receive and distribute electricity. It has functions such as control, protection, and detection for circuits and can also be used in places with frequent operations.

This switchgear complies with standards such as GB/T11022-1999, GB3906-1991, and DL404-1997.

Normal usage environment

1. Surrounding air temperature: temperature+40 ° C, low temperature -15 ° C.

2. Relative humidity: Daily average relative humidity: ≤ 95%,

3. The daily average water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2kPa;

4. Monthly average relative humidity: ≤ 90%,

5. The monthly average water vapor pressure does not exceed 1.8kPa;

6. Altitude: Below 1000m.

7. Earthquake intensity: not exceeding 8 degrees.

8. The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive or combustible gases, water vapor, etc.

9. No places with severe vibration.

10. When used under normal conditions beyond the provisions of GB3906, the user and manufacturer shall negotiate.

Main technical parameters of vacuum switchgear

Main technical parameters of vacuum circuit breakers


overall dimension

structure diagram

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