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Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV

Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV

Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV are transformers that do not have their core and windings submerged in insulating oil. They are commonly utilized in various settings, such as local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, docks, and CNC mechanical equipment.

Model:Dry-type transformer

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Product Description

These transformers come in different types, including open type, closed type, and pouring type, with cooling options like natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). They are known for their safety, fire resistance, lack of pollution, high mechanical strength, and strong short-circuit resistance. Heat dissipation methods include natural air cooling and temperature-controlled automatic heat dissipation, with a frequency of use typically at 50/60Hz and a coil temperature rise limit of 100K.

The demands that dry-type transformers ought to meet:

a) When the transformer is installed in parallel with the low-voltage distribution cabinet, the defense level of its casing shall not be less than IP3X, and when mounted in rows, it will not be lower than IP2X;

b) There are no sparks or discharge marks on the surface of the iron core and sleeve;

c) There is no damage or split on the external surface area of the sleeve and insulator;

d) The transformer winding casting body is free of fractures and attached dust;

e) There is no major accumulation of dust externally of the iron core and housing;

f) The audio of the transformer is normal.

work environment

1.0-40 (℃), relative humidity<80%;

2. Altitude: not exceeding 2500 meters;

3. Avoid exposure to rainwater, moisture, high temperature, high heat, or direct sunlight. The distance between its heat dissipation ventilation hole and surrounding objects should not be less than 40cm;

4. Prevent working in places with corrosive liquids, gases, dust, conductive fibers, or metal shavings;

5. Prevent working in places with vibration or electromagnetic interference;

6. Avoid long-term inverted storage and transportation, and avoid strong impacts.

Technical parameters of Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV

1. Usage frequency: 50/60Hz;

2. No load current:<4%;

3. Pressure resistance strength: 2000V/min without breakdown; Test instrument: YZ1802 withstand voltage tester (20mA);

4. Insulation level: F level (special levels can be customized);

5. Insulation resistance: 22M ohms Test instrument: ZC25B-4 type megohmmeter<1000V);

6. Connection method: Y/Y, △/YO, Yo/△, self coupling (optional);

7. Allowable temperature rise of the coil: 100K;

8. Heat dissipation method: natural air cooling or temperature controlled automatic heat dissipation;

9. Noise coefficient: ≤ 30dB.

Main types of Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV

1. Open types: It is a typically used kind where the body of the gadget enters direct contact with the environment and is appropriates for relatively completely dry and tidy interior environments (when the ambient temperature level is 20 levels, the family member humidity must not exceed 85%). Typically, there are two cooling approaches: air self-cooling and air cooling.

2. Closed types: The gadget lies inside a closed shell and does not speak straight to the environment (because of inadequate sealing and warmth dissipation conditions, it is mostly utilized for mining and belongs to the explosion-proof kind).

3. Casting types: utilizing epoxy resin or other materials as the main insulation, it has a basic structure, little quantity, and is appropriate for smaller-sized ability transformers.

Structure parameters

The iron core mainly includes silicon steel sheets and coils cast with epoxy resin. Insulation cylindrical tubes are positioned in between the low and high-voltage coils to raise electrical insulation, and the coils are supported and limited by padding blocks. The bolts of the overlapped elements have anti-loosening up performance.

⑴ Strong insulation encapsulated winding

⑵ Unwrapped winding

Both windings have greater voltage, the high-voltage winding, and the reduced-voltage winding, the low-voltage winding.

From the loved one placement of the high and low voltage windings, high voltage can be divided into concentric overlapping kinds.

The concentric winding is straightforward to produce, all of which adopt this architectural method.

Overlapping types, generally used for unique transformers.

Structural characteristics of Dry type transformer 10KV 20KV 35KV

Due to their strong short-circuit resistance, reduced maintenance workload, high operating efficiency, small dimensions, and low noise, dry-type transformers are commonly used in places with high-performance demands, such as fire and surge prevention.

1. Safe, fire resistant, pollution-free, and can run straight at the load facility;

2. Embracing innovative residential technology with high mechanical stamina, solid short-circuit resistance, small partial discharge, great thermal stability, high dependability, and lengthy life span;

3. Low loss, reduced noise, substantial energy-saving result, and maintenance cost-free;

4. Good warmth dissipation efficiency, and solid overload capacity can boost capability throughout required air cooling operation;

5. Excellent moisture-proof performance, suitable for operation in high moisture and other harsh settings;

6. Dry kind transformers can be furnished with a detailed temperature level discovery and security system. Embracing a smart signal temperature control system, it can immediately spot and show the working temperature of each three-phase winding, immediately begin and quit the follower, and has functions such as an alarm system and trip settings;

7. Little in dimension, light in weight, inhabits much less area and has reduced installment prices.

Cooling method

The air conditioning methods for dry-type transformers are split into natural air cooling (AN) and required air cooling (AF). During natural air cooling, the transformer can operate continuously for a very long time at its ranked ability. When forced air cooling is used, the output capability of the transformer can be increased by 50%. Ideal for recurring overload procedures or emergency mishap overload operations. Because of the considerable rise in tons loss and resistance voltage throughout overload, it ought to be operated only for a short time in a nonfinancial state.

Protection methods

A protective casing with an IP20 rating is commonly used to prevent large solid objects and small animals from entering and causing harm to electrical components. This casing provides a safety barrier for live parts and prevents malfunctions such as short circuits and power outages. If the transformer is to be installed outdoors, an IP23 protective casing can be selected, which offers additional protection against water droplets falling within a 60-degree angle with the vertical line. However, the IP23 casing may reduce the transformer's cooling capacity, so it's important to consider the reduction in operating capacity when selecting this option.

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