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High voltage medium voltage frequency inverter

High voltage medium voltage frequency inverter

Kexun’an Electric has independently developed, designed, and manufactured the third-generation high-voltage inverter High voltage medium voltage frequency inverter, a frequency conversion speed control device. The system utilizes the latest power unit cascade technology for stable and reliable operation.

Model:Frequency inverter

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Product Description

Incorporating a DsP+FPGA+CPLD processor as the control center, PLC for user interface, and touch screen for human-computer interaction, it features advanced motor vector control algorithms that offer precise control, quick response time, and efficient energy-saving speed regulation. This technology has found wide application in fan, hoist, and other load systems, enhancing process efficiency and resolving operational issues to increase profitability for users.

Operating Environment for High voltage medium voltage frequency inverter

To ensure the reliable and stable operation of the frequency conversion speed regulation device for an extended period, the installation and working environment must meet specific requirements. The inverter room should have adequate air conditioning, dehumidification, and dust-sealing equipment to maintain a temperature that meets the operating environment requirements of DL-T994-2006. The environment should be free from conductive or explosive dust, gas, or steam that can corrode metal or damage insulation. The total amount of non-conductive and non-explosive dust should not exceed 6.5mg/dm3, and the pollution level should not be higher than grade ll.

The installation site's electromagnetic environment must comply with the national standards outlined in GB/T1766.2-1998, GB/T17626.4-1998, GB/T17626.5-1998, GB/T17626.6-1998, and GB/T17626.8-1998. The power supply harmonics should comply with GB/T 14549, and the power supply voltage fluctuation should range from +10% to -35%. The voltage unbalance of the power supply should meet the requirements of GB/T15543, and the frequency fluctuation range of the power supply should meet the requirements of GB/T15945.

The inverter room and the superior power distribution system must have adequate lightning protection measures to prevent lightning damage. Party A guarantees that the grounding resistance at the device's grounding point is less than 4 ohms, and the connecting section between the inverter's grounding point and the power grid's grounding point should not be less than 50mm². If the room installed with a frequency converter requires heating, electric heating equipment should be used instead of water heating to avoid frequency converter failure caused by heating leakage.

Product Composition for High voltage medium voltage frequency inverter

Transformer Cabinet

The phase shift transformer is utilized for multi-pulse rectification, which significantly enhances the grid side's current waveform, thus minimizing the equipment's harmonic pollution. Additionally, a temperature controller is set up to continuously monitor the transformer's status and ensure its safe operation.

Cooling fan

Choose reputable brands in the field, offering great dependability, high airflow, and minimal sound disturbance.

Touch screen

TFT LCD touch screen, realistic display effect; Friendly interface, strong operability

Power Cabinet

Employing power unit series technology, every power unit possesses the equivalent capabilities of a single-phase low-voltage converter operating at a single voltage.

Control cabinet

The system leverages cutting-edge three-core control technology that combines DSP, FPGA, and PLC, ensuring exceptional precision and rapid response times. Additionally, it utilizes advanced optical fiber communication, which boasts impressive anti-interference capabilities, to transmit data between the main control board and individual units.

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