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Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device

Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device

The Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device Designed for use in 50Hz AC power systems with a voltage of up to 35kV, substations installed on the 6-35kV side feature a power factor, improving voltage quality and reducing network losses. There are two types of structures available for the high voltage automatic reactive power compensation equipment. One type is cabinet-based, offering features such as electromagnetic locking and a live display function, with the option to include reactive automatic controllers and automatic switching based on specific needs. These cabinets are highly integrated and tightly structured for indoor use. The other type is frame-based, cost-effective, and requires users to provide electromagnetic closure.

Model:automatic reactive powercompensation

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Product Description

This Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device is suited for outdoor use and is mainly intended for the installation of high-voltage parallel capacitor structures, ensuring compliance with switchgear regulations. The equipment is designed for a seamless "turnkey" process, including design innovation, installation, and commissioning. Primarily catering to small transformer substations and commercial users, the capacitor devices are installed indoors for optimal performance..

Application area

The device is primarily utilized in power systems with a voltage of 35kV or lower. It automatically regulates the switching of capacitor banks on 35kV and lower buses to comprehensively control substation voltage and reactive power. This results in improved power factor, reduced transformer and line losses, and enhanced power supply voltage quality.

The device's user-friendly design makes it adaptable for use in various industries, including metallurgy, mining, building materials, petroleum, chemical production, and municipal three-phase AC power systems. It is responsible for field installation and debugging, taking into account harmonic issues, and can be designed with a series reactance rate of 4.5% or higher for effective harmonic governance.

In addition, the device can be employed in large rural power grid substations to maximize reactive power compensation, considering the daily and seasonal variations in substation load. It can also be used in unattended urban network substations, offering the convenience of "four remote" functionality.

Furthermore, the device can be utilized to transform old substation capacitor devices, enhancing the level of automation and operational efficiency in substations..

Functional features for Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device

◆ Top quality high voltage power capacitor, with high reliability, lengthy life, tiny loss, low operating temperature level increase, low failure rate, capacitor built-in or external power elements, After the gadget is disconnected from the power grid, the recurring voltage is minimized to listed below 5ov within 5 minutes

◆ High voltage spray type fuse as a solitary capacitor short circuit defense to ensure the safe operation of equipment; The arrangement of series reactors with the reactance of 1% -12% Might be restricted. Close the inrush current and suppress more than three harmonics. Reactance rate relies on user requirements;

◆ Depending upon the dimension of the compensation capability can be utilized in single celebrity or binary star circumstance circuitry setting, defense setting is generally neutral unbalanced existing protection, open triangular voltage defense, voltage differential protection;

◆ Decrease line loss and voltage drop, reduce the starting time, and lower the starting present;

◆ Outfitted with high voltage charged screen and electromagnetic lock, with forced securing function to ensure the security of operation and upkeep workers.

◆ The in-place payment structure design is reasonable, easy to use, synchronous switching with the motor and maintenance-free procedure.

◆ Boost the transformer lots rate and performance of electric tools and minimize the functioning temperature of the electric motor.

Normal working conditions for Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device

Altitude:not higher than 1000m

Ambient temperature:-25C~+55C

Reiative humidity:not more than 8so

The operation site is not allowed to exist explosive danger medium,the surrounding medium shouldnot contain corrosive and destroy the insulation of gas and conductive medium,not allowed to be ful of water vapor and serious mold.

Product features for Medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation complete device

◆ The gadget can compete for a long time under secure overvoltage of 1.1 times the rated functioning voltage.

◆ The device can run constantly under overcurrent not greater than 1.3 times of ranked existing of the capacitor bank.

◆ The gadget embraces a vacuum contactor to change, which can be operated often.

◆ Each team of the capacitor is outfitted with a discharge coil. The residual voltage can go down listed below 50v in 5 seconds

◆ Each group of capacitors can be secured by a relay or microcomputer defense control system to accomplish capacitor bank overcurrent, voltage discrepancy, system undervoltage, and overvoltage protection. When a team of capacitors appears obstacle, it can cut this group of capacitors, does not impact using other capacitors

◆ A type fuse safeguards each capacitor, likewise furnished with lightning arrester beginning operation overvoltage and lightning strike overvoltage protection

◆ Big LCD controller, real-time display screen system voltage, current, power variable: with open standard communication interface, can attain the "four remote" function.

◆ Each group can be furnished with a reactor to inhibit inrush current or harmonic amplification.

Order Instructions

1. Main circuit plan number, function, single-line system drawing, arrangement drawing, distribution space format drawing, etc. 2. Schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit electrical wiring and incurable setup diagram.

3. Type, requirements, and amount of electric components in switchgear.

4. Needs for control, dimension and defense functions of switchgear and various other locking and automatic gadgets.

5. If the bus bridge needs to be linked between the switchgear or the incoming cabinet, certain demands such as the ranked tons capacity of the bus bridge, the span of the bus bridge, and the height from the ground should be offered.

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