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Discussion on the Development Trend of Ring Main Unit and High Voltage Switchgear


At present, the efficiency demands of the country's ring main unit are really high. High-voltage switchgear individuals' interest in the ring main unit is also increasing, then what is the growth trend of the ring main unit?

1, Development of new high-function warm insulation materials

Epoxy material paint is a strong insulating epoxy container of insulating products;. However, the function is very good. After filling the vacuum fire chamber and ring main unit , there are still breaking troubles. Consequently, the growth of a solid, eco-friendly epoxy material to ensure that it surpasses the existing epoxy material becomes necessary.

2, the advancement of valuable spreading abilities

Traditional epoxy resin loading process requires a lot of time and effort, in order to solve the issue of high expense and low effectiveness, it is necessary to develop beneficial casting modern technology. By enhancing the stimulant, yet likewise, the fluid healing approach profiling technique, enhancing the composition of the material driver, managing the temperature of the metal mold, tree-type high-voltage switchgear grease in the top of the shot openings can play a great function in the resin in the hardening process to reduce, to the pouring hole to provide non-metallic resin stress, non-deformation spreading. Components. An effective putting technique, 8-12 times a day, a metal mold can create 14 spreadings. In comparison with the former, the production worth increases by 8-160 times. Generate a variety of economical castings at low prices.

3, the development of the user interface in between the embedded elements

Solid protected ring main unit are dealt with insulators right into the main circuit conductor, and the elements are filled to ensure that the connection between the ingrained parts is not sensitive. As a result, it is needed to rationalize the make-up of the ring main unit by adjusting the link of the conductors to the numerous castings. The connection of the conductors additionally needs to be cast with epoxy resin. For that reason, in order to reason the product by sticking to a certain level of flexibility in the coupling to the casting, the die-cast connection technology of silicone rubber and conductor joints has actually been developed. By means of this user interface connection, it is feasible to decrease the link standard, stabilize the link at the end, and rationalize the configuration of the obtaining end, reducing the total preparation of the strong insulation ring.

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