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Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear

Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear

The HXGN-12 switchgear Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear is a comprehensive set of high-voltage AC devices designed for use in three-phase AC ring networks, terminal distribution networks, and industrial electrical systems. Rated for 3.6-12kV and 50Hz, it serves as a reliable and protective solution for receiving, distributing, and regulating electricity. This product adheres to national standards GB3906 and IEC60298, as well as DL/T402 and DL/T404 standards, and meets the "five prevention" locking requirements, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in its operation.


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Product Description

Model meanings

Working conditions of Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear

◆ Surrounding air temperature: -15C~+40 ℃;

◆ Altitude: 1000m and below;

◆ Humidity conditions: The daily average value shall not exceed 95%, and the daily average value of water vapor pressure shall not exceed 202KPa; The monthly average value shall not exceed 90%, and the monthly average value of water vapor pressure shall not exceed 1.8KPa;

◆ The earthquake intensity does not exceed level 8;

◆ Places without obvious pollution such as corrosive or flammable gases.

Note: When the normal usage conditions are exceeded, users can negotiate with our company.

Technical Parameters of Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear

Appearance and installation dimensions

Usage and troubleshooting

◆ Packaging, storage and transportation

◇ The Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear is packaged in a single wooden box when leaving the factory, and it is not allowed to tilt, invert, or vibrate violently during storage and transportation. When moving, it is not allowed to directly push or pull on the ground; When there is no lifting device, a cylinder can be placed under the sleeper of the packaging box to ensure its installation position on the slide.

◇ Prevent the cabinet from rain and moisture.

◇ The ring main unit should be placed in a well ventilated area that can prevent various toxic gases from entering. It is strictly prohibited to store it in the same warehouse with chemicals, acids, and bases.

◆ Acceptance

◇ Before opening the box, check the packaging for damage. When unpacking, pay attention to protecting the product, inspect the appearance of the cabinet, and check if all components inside the cabinet are damaged. Also, check if the accessories match the packing list.

◇ Check if the random files are secure.

1.Product user manual and instruction manual for various components inside the cabinet.

2.Factory test report;

3.Product Qualification Certificate

4.Packing list

5.Secondary wiring diagram

Installation and commissioning

◆ When installing, first place the ring main unit on the installation foundation, arrange it neatly, adjust it, and then tighten it with fasteners.

◆ When installing the main busbar, open the busbar compartment for installation, and the contact surface connecting the busbar should be flat and free of dirt.

◆ The grounding of the ring main unit should be reliably grounded, and the circuit should be checked for grounding.

◆ During debugging, follow the user manual for the ring main unit and the instructions for each component inside the unit.

◆ After installation and debugging, perform 5 operations on each switch component and anti misoperation mechanism. If no abnormal phenomena are found, it is considered that the mechanical operation of the switch is correct.

Usage and troubleshooting

◆ Check before sending power

◇ Before sending power to the ring main unit, comprehensively check the electrical performance, insulation level and wiring correctness of all components in the cabinet before putting it into operation. normal operating status

◇ During normal operation, regardless of the incoming cabinet or the outgoing cabinet, the load switch should be in the closed position, the grounding knife should be in the open position, and the cabinet should be closed and locked.

◆ Troubleshooting

◇ When troubleshooting occurs in the incoming line cabinet, you should first cut off the incoming line power supply, open the load switch, and check the live display on the cabinet to confirm that it is correct, then close the grounding knife and open the door for inspection.

◇ When troubleshooting occurs in the outlet cabinet, you should first segment the load switch in the cabinet, close the grounding knife, and open the front door for maintenance. At this time, the main busbar is in a live state.

Maintenance and overhaul

◆ The Medium voltage AC metal ring main unit switchgear needs maintenance and repair in the following situations:

◇ After 5 years of operation, inspect the insulation level of the product

◇ After the load switch has been disconnected for 100 times, the main circuit resistance, power of the load switch,static contacts, and auxiliary contacts should be checked.

◆ Generally, maintenance and repair of the ring main unit should be carried out after the power outage.

Circuit scheme diagram

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