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Low voltage AC distribution switchgear
  • Low voltage AC distribution switchgearLow voltage AC distribution switchgear
  • Low voltage AC distribution switchgearLow voltage AC distribution switchgear
  • Low voltage AC distribution switchgearLow voltage AC distribution switchgear

Low voltage AC distribution switchgear

The GGD-type Low voltage AC distribution switchgear is a versatile and reliable solution for various power distribution needs. It is well-suited for AC 50Hz distribution systems with a rated working voltage of 380V and a maximum current rating of 6300A, making it a great choice for power plants, substations, mining operations, and other heavy-duty power users. This distribution cabinet is designed with a focus on safety, efficiency, and adaptability, offering a range of features such as high breaking capacity, strong stability, flexible electrical configurations, convenient combination options, and a practical and novel structure. Additionally, it offers a high level of protection, making it an ideal replacement for low-voltage switchgear sets.


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Product Description

The GGD type AC low-voltage distribution cabinet complies with the standard GB7251.1-2005/IEC60439-1:1999 "Low voltage switchgear and control equipment".

Wrking conditions of Low voltage AC distribution switchgear

1) The ambient air temperature shall not exceed+40 ℃, not be lower than -5 ℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not exceed+35 ℃.

2) For indoor installation and use, the altitude of the usage location shall not exceed 2000m.

3) The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of+40 ℃, and a relatively high humidity is allowed at lower temperatures (e.g. 90% at+20 ℃). It should be taken into account that occasional condensation may occur due to temperature changes.

4) The inclination between the equipment and the vertical plane during installation shall not exceed 5 degrees.

5) The equipment should be installed in a place without severe vibration and impact, as well as in a place that is not sufficient to corrode electrical components.

6) When users have special requirements, they can negotiate with the manufacturer to solve them.

Product features of Low voltage AC distribution switchgear: 

1. The GGD-type low-voltage power distribution cabinet takes on a universal cupboard grounding kind, and the structure is assembled by welding 8MF cold-formed steel areas. Designated steel manufacturing plants provide the framework parts and unique supporting components to guarantee the precision and quality of the cabinet body. The components of the global cupboard are developed according to the module principle and have 20 placing holes with a high global coefficient. This can enable the factory to accomplish pre-production. It not only reduces the production cycle but also enhances work effectiveness.

2. The GGD power distribution cabinet design completely considers the warmth dissipation problem during operation. There are different varieties of warmth dissipation ports on both ends of the cupboard.

When the electrical parts inside the switchgear heat up, the heat climbs and is released through the upper slot hole, while the chilly air continually restores right into the cabinet through the lower slot opening. This creates a natural air flow air duct from bottom to top for the secured cupboard body, accomplishing the function of warmth dissipation.

3. According to the needs of modern-day commercial item style, the gold ratio technique is adopted to create the look of the electrical switchgear and the segmentation dimensions of each component, making the general appearance elegant and refreshing.

4. The door is installed on the frame with a rotary movable hinge and is easy to disassemble. There is a mountain-shaped rubber strip at the folding edge of the door. When shutting the door, the embedded strip between the door and the frame has a particular compression stroke, which can protect against straight collisions between the door and the cupboard and also improve the door's protection level.

5. The tool door furnished with electrical components is attached to the structure with multiple strands of soft copper cord. The installment components inside the power distribution cabinet are attached to the structure with knurled screws, developing a complete grounding security circuit for the whole electrical switchgear.

6. The electrical switchgear surface area paint takes on polyester orange-designed baking paint. Solid attachment and good structure. The whole power distribution cabinet remains in a matte color pattern, preventing amazing results and creating a comfy visual environment for the at-work workers.

7. The electrical switchgear's top cover can be removed when necessary to facilitate the setting up and adjustment of the major busbar on site. The four corners of the power distribution cabinet top are furnished with raising rings for lifting and shipping.

8. The electrical switchgear security class is IP30, and individuals can likewise choose the usage technique between IP20 and IP40 according to the demands of the use setting

Structural characteristics of Low voltage AC distribution switchgear

Installment and Use

After the product arrives in the receiving area, the first thing to inspect is whether the product packaging is intact. If any issues are found, relevant departments should investigate the reason without delay. Products that are not installed promptly should be placed in proper locations according to normal usage problems.

1. Product installation

The product should be installed according to the installation diagram, and the user must offer the basic network steel and screws. When mounting the primary busbar, the lap joint surface ought to be fixed level, cleaned up, covered with neutral Vaseline or various other steps that need to be taken, and afterward tightened with screws.

2. After installment, the product needs to undertake assessments and examinations for the above and listed things below before being put into operation.

A. Inspect if the paint on the electrical switchgear's surface has peeled and if the interior of the cabinet is completely dry and clean.

B. Whether the operating mechanism of electrical parts is flexible and there needs to be no jamming or excessive operating force.

C. Are the on/off switches of the main electrical switchgear devices reliable and exact? Are the on/off switches of the auxiliary contacts trusted and exact?

D. Whether the modifications and polarity of tool indications and shared inductance are precise.

E. Whether the busbar link is excellent and whether the insulation assistance parts, installment components, and accessories are safely and accurately mounted.

Whether the complementary get-in-touch with F meets the demands, whether the specifications of the fused core are right, whether the circuit breaker and setting are worth fulfilling the style needs, and whether the action is accurate.

G. Whether the get-in touches with the circuit meets the needs of the electric schematic.

H. Does the safety circuit system meet the needs

I. The insulation resistance gauged with a 500-volt megohmmeter will be at least one megohm.

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