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Electric energy Metering box

Electric energy Metering box

The DJK series Electric energy Metering box is a versatile and reliable solution for electricity metering in high-rise buildings and residential areas. With a maximum current capacity of 63A, it can accommodate a variety of household needs. Additionally, its design can be customized to fit specific requirements, including the number of meter positions and external installation features. This meter box is ideal for households that require accurate and efficient electricity metering.


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Product Description

◆ The materials of the Electric energy Metering box body are mainly divided into two categories: metal and non-metal, The metal measuring box is made of galvanized cold-rolled steel plate or stainless steel plate, among which the stainless steel plate is non-magnetic stainless steel,Non metallic measuring box, made of unsaturated polyester glass fiber, reinforced molding, molding or other materials with similar properties.

◆ According to the installation method, measuring boxes are generally divided into two types: embedded and wall mounted. In special circumstances, a floor standing metering box can also be set up, which can be divided into indoor and outdoor according to the installation environment.

◆ According to the installation table, it can be divided into different quantities, including 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 meters. Tables 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 are the specifications, and can be used for electric energy information collection and monitoring terminals according to the installation of telemetry and remote communication equipment.

◆ The measuring box is equipped with an inlet chamber, a measuring chamber, and an outlet chamber, designed and arranged in a horizontal manner. The three chambers are independent of each other and equipped with corresponding partitions.

◆ The incoming and outgoing rooms adopt a two-layer panel structure. The first floor door is controlled by a key, and the second floor is equipped with a protective panel. Only the switch operating handle is exposed. The incoming room is equipped with an incoming main switch, a copper busbar, and a surge protector. The appearance room is equipped with an appearance switch, which provides isolation, overload, and short circuit protection functions for the metering box.

◆ The measuring room is equipped with wire grooves, and the laying grooves and wires are made of flame-retardant materials. Various cable channels for collection and reading methods are reserved indoors. The setting of the cable tray separates the strong and weak electrical wires, and the wiring is neat, beautiful, and reasonable. The components inside the box are installed on the insulated bottom plate.

◆ The measuring room can meet the installation needs of various induction mechanical meters, fully electronic meters, and time-sharing electricity meters. Each meter position is equipped with corresponding observation windows, which are made of polycarbonate resin material and clear, transparent, and do not change color.

◆ The incoming room and measuring room are sealed with lead and can be equipped with sealing devices to meet the measurement standards specified by the power supply department;

◆ Each meter position and outgoing circuit breaker should be labeled with a user tag, and set according to the principle of left to right and top to bottom. The meter positions of public meters and collection meters should have clear labels for easy management and use by users.

◆ The surface of the box should be marked with slogans such as "somewhat dangerous" and "95598 service hotline".

Technical Parameters of Electric energy Metering box

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