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12KV 1250AMP Vertical break two post isolating switch

12KV 1250AMP Vertical break two post isolating switch

The 12KV 1250AMP Vertical break two post isolating switch is specifically designed for use in 10(12,15,24)KV high voltage transmission and distribution lines. These switches serve the purpose of disconnecting and connecting single-phase or three-phase circuits without load and voltage. They are particularly engineered for single-phase application within a three-phase circuit system and are characterized by a simple and cost-effective design, ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. The switches are available in a range of rated current options, including 200400,600,630,800, and 1000,1250 amperes, providing the flexibility to select the most suitable option based on specific requirements. They are comprised of a base, pillar insulator, conductive part, and mechanism part.


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Structure   introduction

The (H)GW9 series outdoor unipolar isolating switches are designed for use in 10(12,15,24)KV high voltage transmission and distribution lines. These switches are utilized to disconnect and connect single-phase or three-phase circuits without load and voltage. Specifically engineered for single-phase use in a three-phase circuit system, the switches feature a simple and cost-effective design. This design ensures easy operation and maintenance. The switches offer a variety of rated current options, including 200400,600,630,800, and 1000,1250 amperes, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your unique requirements. They are composed of a base, pillar insulator, conductive part, and mechanism part.

Utilize a knife-type structure for splitting and closing the circuit. This structure comprises two conductive blades for each phase, each equipped with compression springs. By adjusting the height of these springs, the necessary contact pressure to operate the knife can be achieved. The switch can be turned on and off using the insulated hook rod operating mechanism. Furthermore, the knife is equipped with a self-locking device. For a visual reference of the switch's appearance, please consult the accompanying figure.

Main Functions

1) After switching off, ensure a reliable insulation gap and clearly disconnect the equipment or circuit to be repaired from the power supply to guarantee the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment.

2) Adjust the wiring as per operational requirements.

3) Used to isolate and close small currents in the circuit, such as charging current bushing, busbar, connector, short cable, capacitor current of switching voltage-sharing capacitor, circulation of double busbar switching, and excitation current of voltage transformer.

4) Depending on specific structural types, it can be used to isolate and combine the no-load excitation current of Transformers with a certain capacity. This detailed information aims to equip maintenance personnel with in-depth knowledge of specific usage conditions, instilling confidence in their work.

Main features

1. The isolating switch is a crucial component when conducting maintenance on electrical equipment. Its role as a clear disconnection point is paramount in ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel.

2. It is of utmost importance to thoroughly understand the limitations and operating guidelines of the isolating switch. This knowledge will equip you to make informed decisions and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. Remember, it should not be operated with a rated load or heavy load, but it can handle a small load and no-load line if there is an arc extinguishing chamber.

3. The correct procedure for power transmission and power-off operations is of utmost importance. Remember, the sequence for power transmission is to first close the disconnector, then close the circuit breaker or load switch. Similarly, during the power-off operation, the correct sequence is to first disconnect the circuit breaker or load switch, then disconnect the disconnector.

4. When selecting an isolating switch, it is important to be thoughtful and careful. Consider factors such as rated voltage, rated current, dynamic stable current, thermal stable current, and other specific requirements for the intended application. The function of the isolating switch is to disconnect the unloaded current and the circuit, providing obvious disconnection points for equipment under maintenance to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. Remember, the isolating switch cannot cut off load current and short circuit current without a special arc extinguishing device. It should only be operated when the circuit breaker is disconnected.

Use environmentconditions

Altitude: above  1000  meters,high prototype above3000 meters;

Ambient temperature:The highest ambient temperatureis not higher than+40#,and the lowest ambient temperature is not lower than-30#;

Outdoor windspeedshall: not exceed 35 m/s;  

The earthquake intensity: shall not exceed 8;

The installation site: shall be free of gas,steam,chemical deposition,salt spray,dust,dirt andother explosive and corrosive media that seriously affecthe insulation and conductivity of the switch;

The installation site should be freefrom frequent violent vibration.

Main parameters

Disconnector contact force

Installation,use and adjustment

The installation method and size are shown in the figure.

Work before installation:

  1. Remove the dust and dirt on the other parts,carefully erase the surface of the insulated porcelain bottle,and scrub the wiring surface of the grounding screw.
  2. Apply a layer of industrial Vaseline to the rotating parts and contact parts.
  3. Check the contact surface and adjust the height of the compression spring to make the contact pressure conform to Table 2.
  4. This switch is ony suitable for hoisting.It is generally used together with the transfomer on the line.
  5. Regulary check the following parts of the switch every year.
  6. Remove dirt,especially conductive part, contact surface and insulating porcelain bottle surface,etc.
  7. Check whether there is any damage to each other part and pay special attention to check whether there is any loss or rupture of the insulated porcelain bottle.
  8. Check whether the contact surface of the conductive part is good.

Appearance and installation dimensions

  1. This switch is packaged according to a certain specification after being assembled, adjusted and tested by the manufacturer in a single-phase mode.
  2. During transportation shall not be inverted, shall not be subject to strong vibration and collision.
  3. After the switch is transported to the destination, the packing wooden case should be free from looseness, and the case can only be unpacked if it is damaged.
  4. After unpacking, check whether the product and the accompanying Product Certificate, installation and use instructions are complete.
  5. Check whether any other parts of the switch are damaged and the insulation porcelain bottle is broken.
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