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145KV 3150A Earthing switch

145KV 3150A Earthing switch

145KV 3150A Earthing switch,The neutral point serves various functions, contributing to distinct technical characteristics and operational requirements. The BJ-type transformer neutral point gap grounding protection device plays a crucial role in preserving operational reliability, equipment insulation, and protective measures to ensure consistent performance.


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Kesion Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in the vibrant city of Shenzhen, a symbol of China's reform and open-door policy. Established in 2016, the company boasts of an expansive 11,000-square-meter facility and achieves an annual output value exceeding 90 million yuan. With a workforce of over 100 employees, including 30 skilled engineers and technical experts, Kesion Electric Technology can produce more than 3,600 sets of medium-voltage switchgear per year.
Throughout the years, our company has consistently shown a strong commitment to developing a comprehensive range of products. This includes 35kv gas-insulated switchgear (C-GIS and GIS) with current ratings from 630A to 3150A, along with other offerings such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, isolating mechanisms, modular controllers, enclosure sheet metal, and busbar systems. Additionally, we specialize in 35kV substations, 110kV GIS, 35kV Cable Branch cabinets, 35kV transformers, and 35kV prefabricated substations. Our lineup also features fully insulated and fully enclosed permanent magnet ring main units (research and development products) and environmentally friendly gas ring main units. All our products are designed, developed, manufactured, marketed, and supported by a reputable power equipment manufacturer.
Our company has implemented a robust management system that aligns with the GB/T[insert number_1] standard for performance, company management, and safety production. Safety is our utmost priority. We take pride in housing a technology research and development center with exceptional technical capabilities. Embracing lean production and the fusion of informatization and industrialization, we have developed an advanced production manufacturing system. Our array of production and testing equipment comprises CNC punching machines, laser cutting machines, robotic welding, automated assembly lines, power frequency withstand voltage devices, shielding partial discharge devices, and vacuum box-type helium leak detection systems. Our products hold various domestic and international certifications. They are renowned for their quality and services, both domestically and internationally, positioning us as a key strategic partner for numerous reputable manufacturers. With a devoted technical team and attentive marketing services, we steadfastly uphold the principles of "leading with technology, quick response, and safe electricity use." Our dedication to exquisite cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, and sincere pre-sales and after-sales services have earned us the trust and admiration of customers.


1. The proper function of the neutral point varies, imposing distinct technical features and operational conditions. The BJ-type transformer neutral point gap grounding protection device is instrumental in upholding operational reliability, equipment insulation, and protective measures to ensure consistent performance.

2. This specially designed device is intended for the neutral points of 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, and 500KV power transformers, boasting the capability to enable two distinct operation modes: neutral point grounding or non-grounding. This technical innovation effectively mitigates voltage rise and insulation damage resulting from lightning strikes and faults.

3. With its broad applicability in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, and coal industry, this versatile product provides a dependable solution across various sectors.

Service and Installation Conditions

1.  Installation location: outdoors, maximum daily temperature difference: 25K, horizontal acceleration: 0.3g

2.  Product structure: combined pole-mounted equipment, sunshine intensity: 0.1W/cm2, vertical acceleration: 0.15g

3.  Ambient air temperature:Maximum temperature: +55°CMinimum temperature: -40°C

4.  Altitude: 2000m

5.  Maximum wind speed: 35m/s, ice thickness: 10mm

6.  Earthquake intensity: 8 degrees

7.  Pollution level: ⅢI level (2.8KV/cm)

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