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40.5KV 3150A V-type centre breaker disconnector

40.5KV 3150A V-type centre breaker disconnector

The GW5 outdoor isolation switch is a high-voltage electrical device designed to meet specific structural requirements. It consists of three independent single-phase isolation switches, making it a versatile and reliable option for various applications. The device complies with the standards outlined in the JB520-64 "AC High Voltage Isolation Switch" and features an additional grounding knife device for added safety. The CS-G manual operating mechanism is available in three variations: ungrounded, single-grounded, and double-grounded, providing users with options to suit their needs.


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The GW5 outdoor isolation switch is a three-phase high-voltage electrical device comprising three independent single-phase isolation switches. This isolation switch serves as a fundamental unit for accommodating specific structural requirements. Its primary operating conditions comply with the provisions outlined in the JB520-64 "AC High Voltage Isolation Switch" standard. The GW5 type features an additional grounding knife device. Moreover, it is equipped with a CS-G manual operating mechanism, which comes in three variations: ungrounded, single-grounded, and double-grounded.

Service and Installation Conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

2.The ambient air temperature:Maximum +40℃;Minimum:General Area -30℃,Paramos -40℃;

3. The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa. (corresponding to 34m/s wind speed);

4. The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;

5. The working situation is without frequent violent vibration;

6. The installation site of an ordinary type isolator should be kept away  from  gas, smoke  chemical  deposition, salt-spray  fog, dust

and other explosive and corrosive matters that seriously affect the insulation and conduction capability of the isolator.

7. Pollution-proof type isolator is applied to severe filthy conduction areas. However,  there shouldn't be any explosive matters and matters causing a fire.

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