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35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation

35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation

The 35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation is widely used in urban power grid renovation, residential communities, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining, hotels, shopping malls, airports, railways, oil fields, docks, highways, and temporary electrical facilities, both indoors and outdoors.


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Product Description

Model meanings of 35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation

Working conditions of 35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation

◆ The altitude does not exceed 2000m;

◆ Environmental temperature: -25 ℃~+40 ℃;

◆ Relative temperature: At 25 ℃, the daily average value shall not exceed 95%, and the monthly average value shall not exceed 90%:

◆ Installation location: A place without fire, explosion hazards, conductive dust, chemical corrosive gases, and severe vibrations. If the above conditions are exceeded, users can negotiate with our company

Function features 35kv European type Outdoor prefabricated Substation

◆ High voltage switchgear, distribution transformers, low-voltage switchgear, energy metering equipment, and reactive power compensation devices are combined according to a certain scheme, and the complete set is strong;

◆ Complete high and low voltage protection, safe and reliable operation, and simple maintenance;

◆ Small footprint, low investment, short production cycle, and convenient mobility;

◆ Flexible and diverse wiring schemes;

◆ Unique structure: The unique honeycomb structure has a double-layer (composite plate) outer shell that is sturdy, heat-insulating, ventilated, aesthetically pleasing, and has a high level of protection. The outer shell materials include stainless steel alloy, aluminum alloy, cold-rolled plate, and color steel plate;

◆ Diverse types: universal, villa, compact, and more;

◆ The high-voltage ring main cabinet can be equipped with network automation terminals (FTUs) to achieve reliable detection of short circuits and single-phase grounding faults, and has the "four remote" function for easy upgrading of distribution network automation


The intelligent integrated substation adopts low loss, oil immersed, fully sealed S9, S10, and S11 series transformer, and can also choose resin insulated or NOMEX paper insulated environmentally friendly dry-type transformers. The bottom can be equipped with a small car, and the transformer can be easily accessed and exited.

High voltage side

The high-voltage side of intelligent integrated substations is generally protected by a load switch fuse combination electrical device.

After one phase of the fuse is fused, the three-phase linkage is tripped. The load switch can be selected in various forms such as compressed air, vacuum, and sulfur hexafluoride, and can be equipped with an electric operating mechanism to achieve automatic upgrading; The fuse is a high-voltage current limiting fuse with an impact device, which is reliable in operation and has a large breaking capacity. The main technical parameters are shown in the table below. For transformers above 800KVA, vacuum circuit breakers such as ZN12, ZN28, and VS1 can be used for protection.

Low voltage side

The low-voltage side main switch adopts universal or intelligent circuit breakers for selective protection: the outgoing switch adopts a new type of plastic shell switch with small volume and short arc, up to 30 circuits; The intelligent automatic tracking device is free of charge, with two switching methods available for users to choose from: contact and contactless.

Execution standards

This product meets the following standards:

GB/T17467-1998 《High voltage/low voltage prefabricated substations》

DL/T537-93 《Technical Conditions for Ordering 6-35KV Box Substation》

Technical parameters of load switch

Primary plan

Installation, Use, and Maintenance

In terms of installation, acceptance, handover testing, operation and maintenance of intelligent integrated substations, in addition to the various regulations required by the power department, attention should be paid to the following matters:

◆ Users should carefully inspect the goods according to relevant regulations when receiving them. For products that are not installed immediately, they should be stored in appropriate places according to normal usage conditions.

◆ The product should be lifted using a dedicated lifting tool at the bottom, as shown in the product lifting diagram.

◆The product is placed horizontally on a pre made foundation, and then the gap between the product base and the foundation is sealed with cement mortar to prevent rainwater from entering the cable room. The high and low voltage cables are connected through the bottom sealing plates of the high and low voltage rooms.

◆ After the product is installed in place, reliable grounding should be done. The two main grounding terminals on the channel steel of the power station base, the neutral point of the transformer and the outer shell, and the pile head under the lightning arrester should be grounded separately by the installation department. All grounding devices should use a total of one set, and their grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms.

◆ After installation or maintenance, the product should undergo the following inspections and tests before being put into operation:

◇ Whether the substation is clean;

◇ Whether the operating mechanism is flexible;

◇ Whether the main electrical appliances are flexible and reliable in making and breaking;

◇ Whether the on/off of electrical auxiliary contacts is reliable and accurate;

◇ Whether the operation of the meter and relay is accurate and error free;

◇ Whether the transformation ratio and wiring polarity of instruments and transformers are correct;

◇ Are all electrical installation nuts tightened and installed securely and reliably;

◇ Whether the busbar wiring is good, and whether the supporting insulators and clamps are installed reliably;

◇ Whether the setting value of the electrical appliance meets the requirements, and whether the specifications of the fuse core are correct;

◇ Whether the contacts of the main electrical appliances and auxiliary circuits meet the requirements of the electrical schematic.

◆ Maintenance

♢ All components in the product are maintained according to their respective technical requirements:

♢ If the selected transformer is oil immersed, at least one oil sample analysis inspection should be conducted annually according to regulations:

♢ After 20 on load or 2000 off load opening and closing operations of the high-voltage side switchgear in operation, the condition of the contacts and the degree of loss of the arc extinguishing device should be checked. If any abnormalities are found, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner;

♢ After the low-voltage switchgear trips automatically, the cause of the trip should be checked and analyzed. Only after the fault is eliminated can it be put back into operation.

♢ Lightning arresters should undergo a preventive test once a year before the arrival of the thunderstorm season;

◆Note: The product comes with a packing list, certificate of conformity, installation and operation manual, electrical wiring diagram, and instructions for the main components and equipment used in this product, key operation tools, and spare parts provided according to the agreement.

Technical solution legends

Substation layout plan

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