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35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation
  • 35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation

35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation

Elevate your power infrastructure with Kexunan's cutting-edge 35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation. Engineered in China, our substations stand out for their durability and customizable features. Committed to environmental responsibility, we offer solutions that not only meet high voltage demands but also align with sustainability goals. Choose Kexunan for a robust, eco-friendly, and tailored approach to your power distribution needs.

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Product Description

Explore the cutting-edge technology with Kexunan's 35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation. Proudly crafted in China, our substations are synonymous with durability and customization. We prioritize sustainability, offering solutions that not only meet high voltage requirements but also contribute to a greener environment. Trust Kexunan for a reliable, durable, and customized approach to your high voltage needs.

YBW-35 Environmental protection type combined substation is a complete set of products that assemble voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage distribution equipment into one. As a transformer and distribution equipment for urban buildings, living areas, small and medium-sized factories, mining and oil fields, etc., it has a strong complete set, small size and compact structure, high reliability, small installation workload, short installation height period, and movable. Appropriate changes in its appearance and color make it adapt to the environment. They can also play a role in beautifying the environment. The current urban and rural civil engineering substation replacement products and urban network construction, the transformation of complete sets of equipment.

Model meaning

Normal usage environment

1. Altitude: not more than 100 meters;

2. Ambient temperature: +40C-25C;

3. Relative humidity: the daily average does not exceed 95%, the monthly average does not exceed 90%;

4. Seismic intensity: abnormal severe vibration and shock;

5. Installation environment: outdoor, installed in a place without fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, corrosive gas and dust, and no violent impact;

Note: If you exceed the above conditions, you can negotiate with our company.

35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation Functions and features

1. The substation consists of a high-voltage switch room, a low-voltage switch room, a relay protection room, and a transformer room. High-voltage switch settings, low-voltage switch rooms, and relay protection outdoor shells can be made of aluminum alloy, steel, or composite plates. The surface of the aluminum alloy plate was treated by positive oxidation, which enhanced the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy plate. The steel plate and steel structural parts are treated by phosphating, and the composite plate has bright color and beauty, heat insulation and flame retardant characteristics. A transformer room without a closed shell structure and high safety net cover is conducive to transformer ventilation, heat dissipation, and personal and equipment safety. 2, High Voltage Switch Room: The high voltage switch room can be installed in the JYNI-35, KYNI0-35 switch cabinet, or 35KV load switch. 35KV Incoming and outgoing cables: Users can choose the overhead cable mode freely.

3, low voltage switch room

a. When the low voltage side is 10KV, the low voltage switch room can be installed XGN2-1, KZNI-12, KYNI-12 switchgear, HXGNI-10F, HXGN26-10(F) ring network cabinet.

b. When the low side is 0.4KV, the low-voltage switch room (generally do not do low-voltage switchgear to save space) is installed in the DWI5T series, ME series, M series, F series frame type breaker and DZ20 series, CM series, H series, S series plasticide-case air circuit breaker.

4, power failure protection room installed AC screen, DC screen, signal screen, projection screen, motion control screen (RTU), carrier screen, or optical fiber terminal.

Note: According to user requirements, this substation can adopt normal specification relay protection and a substation microcomputer integrated automation system.

5. See the diagram for the plan and elevation layout of the 35KV substation.

Plan and elevation layout diagram

Technical parameter

35KV High Voltage Environmentally Friendly Combined Substation Install

1, this combined substation is only in the outdoor open space. The reinforced concrete foundation can be poured on top.

2, transformer room 35KV switch room, 10KV or 0.4KV switch room are a single output unit, assembled and connected on site; Introduction and extraction of power supply.

3. The introduction and extraction of the power supply adopt two forms: overhead and cable; the user can choose according to the need; please specify when ordering.

Transportation and storage

When the assembly substation leaves the factory, it needs to be divided into several transportation units; if the SF6 circuit breaker is installed, it should be deflated to zero gauge pressure.

This product should be stored in a ventilated, dry, free of corrosive gases.

Floor plan

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