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American type prefabricated substation

American type prefabricated substation

This American type prefabricated substation is developed by absorbing the latest advanced technology from abroad and combining it with the actual situation in China. The entire product has the characteristics of small size, easy installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss anti-theft, strong overload capacity, and full protection. Suitable for newly built residential green belts, parks, stations, hotels, construction sites, airports, and other places.

Model:ZGS American style box transformer

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Product Description

ZGS American type prefabricated substation is suitable for 10KV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply systems, as a transformer, metering, compensation control and protection device.

This product meets the following standards:

GB/T17467-1998 "High voltage and low voltage prefabricated substations"

DL/T137-93 Technical Conditions for Ordering 6-35KV Box Substation

Model meanings

Working conditions of American type prefabricated substation

◆ Altitude not exceeding 1000 meters

◆ Environmental temperature: -35 ℃~+40 ℃:

◆ Relative temperature:, daily average value not exceeding 90%, May average value not exceeding 90%:

◆ Installation location: No fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosive gas, and well ventilated place, ground inclination angle not exceeding 3 °.

Function features of American type prefabricated substation

◆ Fully insulated, fully sealed, maintenance free, and reliable to ensure personal safety;

◆ Compact structure, with a volume of only 1/3 to 1/5 of the same capacity of European transformers, and low height;

◆ A split box structure can be adopted to avoid oil contamination in the transformer oil tank;

◆ The high-voltage side adopts dual fuse weight range protection, greatly reducing costs;

◆ It can be used for ring networks or terminals, and the cable head can be urgently plugged and unplugged when the load current is 200A; The box adopts a honeycomb double layered composite board, which has the function of temperature insulation and heat dissipation

◆ Install an electronic phase loss protector on the low-voltage side, which can quickly disconnect the main incoming switch when abnormal voltage occurs in the system; High voltage oil immersed load switch or SF6 load switch can be upgraded electrically, laying the foundation for achieving distribution network automation; Use oil immersed S9 or better performing S11 series transformers.

Technical parameters of American type prefabricated substation

Civil engineering drawing of substation cable inlet and outlet

Technical requirements:

◆ For dimensions, please refer to the actual dimensions of the combination variable;

◆ The concrete foundation machine should have a flat surface, and the combined substation should be fixed on the foundation using pressure plates;

◆ The types of grounding bars and cable fixing brackets can be determined according to the actual situation;

◆ Cable fixing brackets and grounding bars should be pre embedded;

◆ The position of cable holes for incoming and outgoing lines depends on the specific situation;

◆ After the installation of the combination transformer, there must be a gap of no less than 1.5m on the front of the switch for easy operation;

◆ The grounding grid can be made of 12 galvanized round steel or 40 × 4 galvanized flat copper, and the grounding resistance should meet the requirements of the power department.

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